02 October 2011

Sleep and Restraint

I've bought baby girl some new toys this last week, notably a matched set of collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs. By the second day of the collar, she was already coming home and heading straight to the bedroom to fetch it and ask if she might wear it. It has been a few days now and she's wearing it more and more often; last night was her first to wear it to bed.

I haven't yet used the cuffs on baby girl. We already have a set of cuffs that attach to a strap that goes between the mattress and box springs on our bed, and I've used them on baby girl on many an occasion. But those cuffs are utilitarian, not special in any way. And they're only meant to attach to the straps, not to anything else or to each other. The new cuffs are much more attractive (they're in black and her favorite color, purple) and much more versatile.

What I really want to do with the new cuffs to start is to put them on her, attach them to each other (there's a small chain between them) in front of her, and have her sleep like that. I love the idea of her going to sleep next to me restrained like that. The only problem is that, as baby girl has noted, she has her period at the moment. It doesn't bother me, but it does prevent spontaneity, and I know that if I'm spooning baby girl, her collar around her neck and her wrists cuffed together, it's going to make me want to take her at least once a night, maybe more often. So we're waiting until the period is done.

How do other submissives feel about the idea of sleeping while restrained? Is it a huge turn-on for them?


  1. Yes, a huge turn-on. Definitely huge! Oh, Daddy you have me wet just thinking about this and it's early morning here. And I'm on my period too. Ack!

  2. Daddy: What did you think of my post?

    Baby girl: I liked it, Daddy!

    Daddy: Did you see maui girl's comment?

    Baby girl: Yes I did. And did you see her HNT picture? She has a hot little body!

  3. My husband recently wrapped my arms together in front of me in bondage tape so I would keep my hands off of him when I was particularly turned on and he was particularly tired. It helped me keep my hands off of him. It did NOT help my arousal go away. So hot. He pulled me close and slept, but my mind raced and I was very, very wet.

    He's never cared about my period or anything, beyond getting a towel on particularly bad ones to protect the bed. I would get one just to sleep on to make myself more available to him at the time. That's not been something we've had to worry about for a long time though... my birth control method stopped my periods.

  4. i wear His collar every night to sleep, and the collar, and hence me, are leashed to the bed. yes, it turns me on, just the action of putting it on and buckling it closed is like throwing a switch!
    it also gives me a boundless sense of security and peace.
    when i don't wear it, for whatever reason, i don't sleep well. He says it's to remind me that, even in my sleep, i'm owned.
    Sweet dreams, indeed!

  5. @maui girl - I'm so glad that Daddy shared our conversation with you! :)

    @Conina - I can definitely understand how binding your arms wouldn't help with the arousal issue...yikes!

    @pepper - The thought of wearing a collar every night and being leashed to the bed is almost too intense to fathom (although that won't stop me from trying!). I can see how you could get used to that...*sigh* :)

  6. I absolutely LOVE the idea of this. When I sleep I automatically cross my wrists one over the other, so feeling that restraint would be so hot.

  7. Tee hee. My comment was for real you know. ;)

    I've been restrained a few times during the night, but it was all an accident. Hubby fell asleep and forgot to take off the bondage. I loved it and there was no way I was going to wake him up to remind him. Now if he would only do it on purpose.....

  8. I slept restrained for much of my childhood (I grew up in a cult and was subject to much sexual abuse) so it's very triggering for me, but sometimes my husband requires it and I am learning to feel more comfortable with it. It seems to arouse him, as he needs to take me multiple times during the course of the night. I suppose it is helpful for me to learn that he is in control, not my abusers. Most recently I was even able to sleep peacefully.