05 October 2011

D/s Goes to the Movies!

So I’m assuming (perhaps erroneously) that many of us have seen the film Secretary (2002), in which a quirky attorney with a penchant for dominating, spanking, and tending to his orchids hires a slightly unbalanced secretary who is slowly but surely discovering her true submissive self. It’s any D/s lover’s dream!!! If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend this film. Both James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal turn in inspired performances and give the subject matter the gravity it deserves, avoiding the overly camp, while still keeping the film light.

While thinking about this overtly D/s-themed movie, it made me think of “vanilla” movies I’ve seen that have D/s or BDSM themes. Truth be told, when I was a teenager, any movie that showed somebody – man or woman - tied up and ready to be tortured would be enough to throw my clit into a tizzy!

Here are just a few of the vanilla movies I can think of that got my blood a-boilin’ when I was young and had no way of getting my hands on legitimate D/s smut. It was before the age of Internet porn and before I knew that there was a word for what I was feeling…

• The Princess Bride
• Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
• Flash Gordon
• Goldfinger and Thunderball (Way to go, Connery! You made it on the list twice!)
• American Ninja 3 (No, I’m not joking.)

I would love to hear what some of your favorite “vanilla” movies are…those special flicks that are hiding little D/s or BDSM gems! ☺


  1. There is one that i know of that i just saw tonight. Master and i went to see the Lion King and there is a part in there where Zazu is talking to Mufasa about Scar and says "he got dirty, you could take him out and beat him". Master and i both busted out laughing thinking how dirty a little kids movie was...and couple others i know of were Kiss the Girls and a couple Lifetime movies i cant remember the name of.

  2. I heard that in the Lion King when we went to see it too! I elbowed my husband and we laughed. I didn't remember that bit, although I had to have seen it dozens of times as a kid.

    Then there was a bit in Toy Story 3, where Woody says "This job is not about being PLAYED with, it's about being there for ANDY."... and I was like, huh.

    Good post!

  3. I guess I'm gonna have to go back and check out The Lion King, huh? ;-)

  4. Well, as I commented on maui girl's blog, my first memory of being turned on by something even vaguely D/s was "Thoroughly Modern Millie", when Julie Andrews was bound and gagged (not ball-style, fellow perverts, but with the cloth running between her teeth and around the back of her head -- though I have to say that young Julie Andrews with a ball gag is making me hard right now).

    I'm right with baby girl on "Thunderball". When Largo is about to torture Domino... fuck yes.

  5. McClintock! -- one of the last scenes where John Wayne gives Maureen O'Hara a spanking with a small fireplace shovel....and she's in that lovely corset to boot.

  6. The Astronaut's Wife with Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron. It's subtle, but he fucks her up against a wall while holding her throat at an office party and then kind of overpowers her in a weird alien way later at their home. I bought the movie for this reason and have watched the scene *ahem* several times.

  7. Maui girl, navigate your way over to the Topics list on the right and click on "choking". Um, yeah.

  8. Daddy, I am utterly speechless.

    Thank you for pointing that out and for writing such intimate and amazing details of your relationship with Baby Girl. Reading about it from your perspective is ummm yeah!

    A hand at my throat and my submission is assured, brought to the forefront of my mind. Thank the gods, my husband is into choking and breath play and will do this for me although not to your level of intensity and not to the extent of dominance you exercise over Baby Girl. Maybe with time.

  9. Just realized I highjacked your post for my thoughts on choking. Oops. So, let me help get back to the topic.

    When I was very young, I owned a movie called Flesh and Blood with Rutger Hauer. Rutger's gang kidnapped a repressed princess and she was to be raped by all of them. He raped her first in front of everyone (yes it showed it) and she whispered to him, asking that it only be him. He prentended to knock over a lantern or something, catching everything on fire and saving her from being raped by the others.

    Eventually, the prince came and tried to rescue her, but by that time, she was essentially Rutger's love slave, walking around naked doing his bidding.

    It was a really cheesy, B movie, but with that subject material, I had to fan myself even as a child.