04 October 2011

Daddy Cums on Baby Girl's Face

After Daddy put me into subspace, and while I was still on my knees, he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock back into my mouth. He held tight to the leash attached to my collar, whipping my back with the handle. As I slurped, suckled, and choked on his dick, I knew that I would soon be getting a load of Daddy’s cream.

After a few minutes, he pulled out of my mouth, pulling on my hair with one hand to tilt my head back and grabbing his cock with the other. He began stroking himself, using my spit as lubricant. In my delirious, hazy state, I didn’t know whether I wanted to drift off to sleep or to feel my pussy split open by his raging hard-on. When I thought I wouldn’t be able to stay on my knees for another second, Daddy started to cum.

With a fierce roar, he unleashed a torrent of spunk all over my face and in my mouth. Even though I was somewhat out of it at that moment, I remember thinking to myself that Daddy had quite a big load saved up for his Baby Girl. After squeezing out every last drop of cum, Daddy used his glistening cock head to spread his cream all over my face.

I swallowed what I had in my mouth as I felt Daddy’s semen hardening on my face.

Degrading? Yes. Dirty? Yes. Delightful? Yessss….


  1. I should add that the picture is definitely NOT me! :)

  2. He roars? That's a heck of an orgasm, with a roar.


  3. All three big D's in one shot!!! Absolutely the best. Fantastic!

  4. Conina, I most definitely roar. I'm sitting next to baby girl right now, so I'll ask her.

    Me: Do I cum louder than any man you've ever been with?

    Baby girl: Oh, God, by far. By far. It can be frightening. I mean, it's loud. It's loud.

  5. I'd also like to say that while I'd rather cum on baby girl's face than anyone else's, that picture is fucking hot. It's the innocence of the girl, but with a cumload all over her face. Wow.

  6. Huh. Thanks for the response. That's incredibly interesting!

  7. I think the picture is hot too. As is the actual deed too, lucky you. I've still never experienced this *sigh* although I get to swallow all the time.