08 October 2011

On Choking Baby Girl

Before I met Daddy, I had never been choked by any of my previous partners. When Daddy first suggested the idea to me, I was a little nervous, but excited to try it. I had no preconceived limits associated with choking and looked forward to exploring with Daddy…

It occurred to me, though, that some of you may have never been choked during D/s play and may be curious about what it feels like. With this in mind, I’d like to share with you my own experience so that you have a little more information with which to work. And for those of you who have been choked before, I hope that this description resonates with you!

So, what does it feel like to be choked by my Daddy? Let’s see if I’m able to adequately put it into words…

Daddy is on top of me and he has me bent in half, with my ankles on his shoulders and his large frame pressing down on me. I’m trapped, I’m vulnerable, I’m stuffed with his thick cock, and I’m dripping wet as he saws in and out of me. My hands are pinned above my head with his left hand as his right hand slowly wraps around my throat. He commands me to look at him as he starts to squeeze…

The first sensation that I notice is pressure in my eyes, as if they’re straining in their sockets. I start to lose some focus, but concentrate on meeting Daddy’s gaze. Next, the ringing starts in my ears. It’s somewhat uncomfortable, but not too severe. I am still able to get small gasps of air into my lungs, despite his hand slowly contracting around my windpipe.

Daddy continues to thrust into me, pounding my pussy into submission. I start to notice that the last bit of air in my lungs is running out.

We’re getting close…close to the time when I won’t be able to breath at all and when Daddy will command a big orgasm from me. With my pussy clenched around his cock, I can feel my clit start to pulse with the beating of my heart. When I don’t think I can take it much longer and I’m seeing black and white spots in my field of vision, I hear Daddy yell, “CUM!!” His hand loosens a little and I scream as the orgasm courses through my entire body.

It’s hard to imagine a more intense moment of passion, pleasure, or, most important of all, trust. For if I didn’t implicitly trust my Daddy, none of this would be possible and I wouldn’t be able to experience most of what he and I share.

As he soothes me after the session, we both understand that he knows what is best for me and he would never do anything that would be detrimental to the faith I’ve placed in him. Will he push me? Yes. Will he hurt me? Yes. Will he be in control and measured at all times? Yes. And this is why choking can be a thing of beauty.

I hope this was as good for you as it was for me… ☺


  1. For me, choking, is erotic, intense and overwhelming. Although I am frustrated that submission is not demanded of me, this is one instance when it is almost impossible not to feel submissive. Maybe that's why I like it so much.

    With breath play, you become entirely at the other person's mercy. And yes, there must be a lot of trust there for that to happen. A little pressure and I might still struggle, but more power and what can I do but go limp, accept, submit, look into his eyes and do whatever is asked, demanded, or expected of me. It is intense. It is wonderful.

    And I couldn't have described it better than you did Baby Girl. Very hot, very moving, and yeah, good for me too! :)

  2. Oh, hear hear. Nothing is guaranteed to put me in space faster than the feel of His hand, or His belt, around my neck. You said it well, both of you ladies.....thank you. x-)

  3. I'm just constantly late lately. Brilliantly described, Baby Girl.