06 October 2011

The Hardest Itch to Scratch?

After taking a look at this week’s poll (by the way, you still have a whole day left to register your opinion about figging! →), I began thinking about fetishes, lifestyles, sexuality, TTWD, and a host of other delightfully salacious topics. And as I mulled over my own proclivities and kinkiness, I realized that, to some degree and within our wonderful community, my desires are pretty pedestrian! Although this is hardly an exhaustive list, I’d have to say that my “non-vanilla” appetites run toward D/s, BDSM, anal play, caning/belting, age play, and sensory deprivation/gagging. When it comes to Kinksville, USA, these inclinations don’t even raise an eyebrow, let alone cause a scandal. Hell, you could probably see most if not all of my interests on a two-part episode of Law & Order SVU!

And here I thought I was edgy…. Damn. ;-)

So what would raise an eyebrow in our community? What fetishes/kinks/alternative lifestyles are the most difficult to indulge? In other words, what is the hardest itch to scratch?

I mean, there are entire pornography sub-genres dedicated to amputees, people of size, Japanese anime, little people, and dozens more… By means of the Internet, we have nearly instant access to myriads of material about all sorts of non-normative (and I mean that with all due respect) subject matter.*

What, in your opinion or experience, would be the most difficult fetish/kink/lifestyle to engage in? What makes it so difficult? Is it the idea of the practice itself? Is it finding a willing partner to participate? Is it admitting your true feelings to yourself or another?

I put it to you, gang, what is the hardest itch to scratch?

* I should add that although I do NOT support exploitation of any sort, there are (as I’m sure you well know) pornography sub-genres dedicated to children and to animals. These two “itches” are, unfortunately, far too easy to scratch.


  1. I should also add that even though my desires would hardly raise an eyebrow among us pervies, I am by no means "out of the closet" as a submissive with anyone else and am unable to discuss the full gamut of my true self with anyone but Daddy and our wonderful readers! :)

  2. I don't judge anyone for anything they do as long as it's consensual. I don't want to be judged myself, so fair's fair.

    That said, there are four things that aren't my cup of tea, and so I'm not really in a position to comment on them: scat (which I don't really think is all that common; my hunch is it's trotted out more as a gross-out), blood (just not my thing), animals (I've never been turned on by the idea), and children (definitionally non-consensual, though ageplay with a consenting adult is something I find to be smoking hot).

    So beyond that? What would be difficult? Well, I once dated a girl, one of whose best friends, a 40-ish man, was gay. He had been in a long-term relationship with another man, but when his partner died, he changed the type of man he was looking for, and only wanted to sleep with straight men.

    Wait, it gets worse.

    I can see the "I only sleep with straight men" thing. I mean, I think most men, maybe all but the most homophobic, were they turned on enough, and maybe with the help of a drink or five, wouldn't turn down a blowjob. What straight guy hasn't thought to himself, "I bet gay guys really know how to give head, since they have cocks themselves." But that wasn't what he wanted to do.

    What the friend in question wanted to do was *fuck* straight men. He wanted to find straight men, men who had never been with other men, and convince them to let him fuck them. And he didn't want to give them head, or let them fuck him -- all he would do was give them handjobs.

    In the years I knew him, he had only found one partner. I kid you not when I say that this partner was slightly brain-damaged. He wasn't retarded (that would be awful) -- he could hold down a job, drive himself around, and the like. He was functional. But he just wasn't all there. And our gay friend spent months laying the groundwork to fuck him. It finally worked out, once.

    I heard, second-hand, afterwards, that our friend did it by first convincing the guy that he (the friend) wasn't gay, and so therefore anything they might do wasn't gay. And I heard that the friend actually said the words "I'm not gay" while he had his hand in the guy's pants and was fondling his cock. He may have even said "I'm not gay" while he was fucking him.

    I don't know if it counts as a perversion, but I'd say that being gay and only wanting to sleep with straight men who would be willing to accept nothing more than a handjob in return for allowing themselves to be fucked would be about as tough a nut to crack (to speak) as I can imagine.

  3. Daddy, that story is...wow. I can't even imagine. The things that make people tick never cease to amaze me.

    I can't think of any itch that would be tougher to scratch.

  4. I don't know either, but I think the more specific you are about your kink (like what Daddy described), the harder it is to get it satisfied. I would like to try knife play (and to an extent blood play), but that remains on my unindulged list so far. I've brought it up to hubby and he isn't opposed to it so I will probably get that itch scratched one day.

    I can just get about every single kinky itch of mine scratched except pure dominance. So, to me, I would say that is the hardest thing. Weird, huh. :)