08 October 2011


It was a pretty close race to the finish with this week’s poll, but in the end (so to speak!), those who were wholeheartedly in favor of figging came out on top with 41% of the vote. The curious lot was close behind (again, so to speak…man, these puns are just writing themselves!) with 37% of the vote. Thank you to all 24 of you who participated and shared your ginger-infused opinions with us! ☺

For this week’s poll, we have something new…Daddy came up with the theme and we now have two polls running instead of one! We would like to discover more about safewords in our community, both from the submissive perspective and the Dominant perspective. Please take a moment to identify the poll that applies to you (sub or Dom) and vote for the response that most resembles your experience.

Thanks and have fun! ☺


  1. This is a good topic. I think safewords are a good idea, but it's even better when they don't need to be used because the Dom is on the same page with the sub's needs.


  2. I agree with you, FD, that they are a good idea but I'm one of those subs who would prefer not to have one...and, in effect, I don't. For me, the safeword disturbs the D/s dynamic that Daddy and I have.

    Although, even when a Dom is on the same page with his sub's needs, it might be useful for when he is pushing her limits and exploring her abilities? Just an idea! :)