03 October 2011

Baby Girl Leashed, Belted, and Whipped

Daddy fastened the chain to my collar and I felt more enslaved than I ever could have imagined. Secure. Sexy. Owned. The weight of the chain served as a constant reminder that Daddy would always be at the other end, guiding and dominating me. Needless to say (although I’m still going to say it!), I was intensely aroused…

He took me upstairs and told me to strip down to my panties. Once stripped, he pulled on my leash to kiss me, and then he forced me over the side of the bed, face down. He put my cuffs on, attaching them to one another behind my back and immobilizing me. Daddy pulled up on my leash and pulled down my panties, and I could hear him wrapping the buckle end of his belt around his hand. I knew what was coming next and squeezed my eyes shut.

He ran the smooth leather across my exposed ass…and then came the first strike. And another. And another. After the fourth, he asked, “How many is that, Baby Girl?”

I whimpered, “Four.”

“Good girl. From now on, you’re going to count and when we get to ten, you’re going to cum for me.”

I counted for him and the blows rained down, the belt striping my ass and lower back. We made it to ten and I released for Daddy, a screaming orgasm like only a belting can provoke. Throughout the orgasm, Daddy continued to whip me even faster than before. I was on the edge of subspace when we started the process all over again. Counting to ten. Cumming through the pain. Hanging on the cusp of subspace.

We completed the series a total of three times, each time bringing me closer and closer to the coveted sublime weightlessness of subspace. At this point, Daddy pulled up on my leash, taking me away from the bed and placing me on my knees before him. Hazy and lusty for his cock, I suckled on Daddy’s rock-hard shaft. With my wrists bound behind my back and with Daddy keeping me on a short leash, he took his other hand, grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my face. My throat opened up to accommodate Daddy’s thick cock. Between the leash and Daddy deep-dicking my face, I finally went over the edge into subspace…fantastic.

Daddy took the handle of the leash and began whipping my back with it. It hurt in the best possible way, the sweet thud of a subspace whipping. Only now, after having the opportunity to reflect on the experience, am I able to appreciate the inherent beauty of that leash. Not only does Daddy control me with it, but he causes me pain with it…that is just plain beautiful. The metaphor and the literal coming together in harmonic symbiosis…

Is there a more perfect D/s device than this??


  1. Absolutely perfect. :-) i must say, the versatility of Master's leash is one of the things i love best about it....aahhhh. Bliss.

  2. OMG. I'm kind of speechless. You two are SO lucky. But thank you for being kind enough to share with us!

    I've been to Walmart and Lowes plenty of times, but Petco? Never thought of it. Silly me. That will be my next stop with hubby.

  3. So nice to have you back in your daddy's control. I have always enjoyed your edgy and erotic writing.

  4. I've just started to read your blog and it's awesome ;)
    Bud how come can you cum so fast? I'd trade the world for ability like that (it's kinda hard for me to cum)