19 September 2011

The Same Old Routine

While sheepishly lurking around some of my favorite blogs and attempting to reconnect with some of my old blogosphere friends, it occurred to me that publishing a quick post might not be the worst idea in the world! Hello all!

Although I'm sure you're not all that interested in why I fell off the face of our cozy little planet, perhaps my reasons might provide some fodder for discussion!

While commenting on Florida Dom's blog, I cited a new, time-consuming job as my main reason for lapsing on the blog. After leaving my comment, though, I gave it some more thought and realized that there may be more to it than just employment...

Daddy and I have been together for a couple of years now and we couldn't be happier, and we're still just as Dominant and submissive as we've always been (phew!)...and I will be His for the rest of our lives. Period.

That being said, with challenging jobs, social engagements, working out, and the myriad of little things that make up our lives, it's easy to fall into routines. Yes, even D/s relationships can become routine... And no, routine is not the end of the D/s road. But, and let's be honest here, nobody wants to read about routine...can I get an "amen"?? I mean, the word itself - "routine" - conjures up visions of cranky, middle-aged, combed-over, muumuu wearing, bickering, sexless losers. (Now do you understand my use of the Ropers as my Pic of the Post??)

Does it mean that we don't love each other? Does it mean that we're not as committed to D/s as we once were?? Does it mean that all the really steamy, pervy posts are a thing of the past??? No, no...a million times no!

Well, then, what does it mean, Baby Girl?

Great question!

From my perspective, it means that we're venturing into a new phase in our D/s experience, one that is perhaps deeper and, if possible, more fulfilling than even we expected it to be. The routine of submission, in its own way, is indicative of the level of commitment and trust that we've established. We're firmly established in our patterns of Daddy and Baby Girl and would never have it any other way. It's the patterns and the normalcy of D/s in our lives that allow routine to be acceptable and not something to be feared.

I would love to hear from anyone who has felt routine in D/s as impending doom... I challenge you, as I challenge myself each day, to rethink your perspective and take stock in what you have. Is it that the wildfire of submissiveness (or Dominance) has fizzled out? Or is it that you're gradually stoking the flames of a love, lifestyle, and experience that will continue to flare up and smolder throughout the years to come?

It's your call to make.


  1. Thanks for this perspective, Baby Girl. It's an issue that my (switch) partner and I have been grappling with at the moment. You see, we're still in that new, passionate, lack of reason phase, and scared that when the flames die down there will be something missing. We get so caught up when we're together that there doesn't seem to be the same time for building a traditional foundation. It's good to hear that you're experiencing deepening rather than fading of those D/s elements.


  2. It's so nice to hear from you, I was a bit worried that you just disappeared. I thought your relationship must have suffered a catastrophic loss of some sort. i loved reading your steamy posts in the past and don't see anything wrong with repeating the same old stories over and over again. I do it all the time... :)

    Welcome back, please post more !!!

  3. Hello Jx! Thanks for your comments! You know, before Daddy and I got married, we discussed (in great length) the nature of relationship so that when we were through with our "new, passionate, lack of reason" phase we knew that we'd be falling back on a solid D/s foundation. We assumed, and correctly in this case, that the very nature of his dominance and my submission would outlast and enhance our long-term relationship. Of course, this doesn't mean that we don't love a good old fashioned pain session!!! Ok, so maybe that passionate phase isn't totally over... ;-)

    Hello Neo Dom! It's great to hear from you...welcome back from vacation! Thanks for the encouragement...and you know what? You're right! There's nothing wrong with tried and true smut!! :-) I hope to post again soon and I look forward to following your adventures with your lizard!

  4. So nice to see that you are back blogging again. You've been missed. I hope you will find time to blog again and I think the lifestyle will enhance your long term relationship. Good luck.


  5. After devouring all your posts, I was terribly disappointed when you quit posting last Sept. Glad to see you're finally back!

  6. It's great to be back! I started to miss blogging and, more importantly, miss the wonderful blogging community that we've established!

    Although it's nice to be missed, it's better to be back! :-)

    Thanks again, all...