29 September 2011

The Afterglow

Damn, do I love being collared! Since kneeling before him yesterday afternoon in order to receive the physical reminder of my submission to Him, Daddy and I have had some amazing fucking and sucking sessions, I’ve got bruises on my ass and breasts from when He was rough with me, and, truth be told, I just crave more!

I think my favorite part about being collared (at least so far) is the way that my pussy drools every time I have it on…Christ, I can’t believe how turned on I am by being owned in this way! Well, actually, I kinda, sorta can believe it… ;-) In a way, I’ve been waiting my whole life to be owned, to be collared, to be His.

While at work today (thanks for the advice about not wearing it to work, pepper!), all I could think about was getting home to Daddy so that He could put my collar on and let me curl up next to him…*sigh*

Collared bliss…

(Of course, I wonder if I’ll feel the same way about the collar when he has me tethered by its rings, tied up, gagged, and clamped while he canes me or while he assaults my tight back hole with a plug that’s a couple sizes too big… Hey, a girl can dream, right??)


  1. And let me assure you all, from direct experience, baby girl has an *extremely* "tight back hole".

  2. Hooray for you! That reminds me that our sliquid lube came from Drugstore.com in the mail today. Hubby's been waiting for it for his wicked back-door purposes. I've had a little reprieve for awhile. Hopefully, Daddy will go easy on you. ;)

  3. i'm just going to watch from my cupboard, and drool....lucky happy Baby Girl!

    No, i don't think you'll feel any different...if anything, i've always felt like it was a tether, the only thing keeping me connected when i'm 'out there'...i don't know if that makes any sense.

    i'm going to need more coffee before i pontificate further.

  4. So glad you're happy with the experience! Pretty sure you'll feel the same way about it whatever is going on.

    Maui girl: sliquid, huh? I've heard nice things about that too. We just use astroglide from the store.

  5. Thanks for your comments, all! :)

    Regarding the lube issue, I had never heard of sliquid either, Conina, but we've always used Pjür. It works for all your needs...and I mean everything! :)

  6. Astroglide is awesome - I used to use it vaginally when we had vanilla sex during the first years of our marriage. This is just as embarrassing as it sounds. I needed it - desperately. Sex was excruciating without it and not great even with it. Fortunately, that problem solved itself when hubby finally turned D/s in the bedroom. Now I could bottle my own and sell it. ha ha.

    Sliquid is organic and has natural ingredients. I tend to go for that kind of stuff now. :) It works great. So glad to only need lube now for one activity. Whew.