21 September 2011

A Deep Need

There is something that I've been wanting for a long time... Something from Daddy... It's not something that we've discussed before, so he has no idea what this want might be...

He's been traveling the past week and I've had plenty of time to reflect upon this want... Plenty of time to realize that this want is turning into a need...

Until I've discussed it with Daddy, I won't share this need with you (I'm an absolutely terrible tease!), but I'd love to hear your thoughts about my minor dilemma...

I've never voiced a need to Daddy before and I would never want to ruin the beautiful dynamic that we share... That being said, how do I let him know of my secret, deep-seated need without "topping from the bottom"? On one hand, he is my Daddy and has every right to know what I'm thinking and feeling. Yet on the other, I'm afraid that if I tell him exactly what I need, it may disrupt our D/s balance...

I feel that this problem is an "oldie but a goodie" in our community, but can any of you offer some words of advice?

Let me sweeten the deal, shall I?

I promise that when I am able to voice my need to Daddy, I'll write every sordid, delicious detail down in this blog for you to enjoy...sound good??


  1. I always encourage my sunshine to express her wants, needs and feelings to me. I don't at all consider it to be topping from the bottom. There are many things a Dom can know and figure out on his own. Yet, none of us are mind readers. If there is a specific need you want incorporated into your relationship, the you should discuss it with him. HE, of course, always has the right to use and implement it at his timing and choosing. :)


  2. i must concur with DauntlessVitality; Master has told me that, while He usually knows what i need, it's up to me to let Him know what i want. He doesn't consider that topping unless i go all whiny about it...i try not to do that, as i don't appreciate the consequences!

    If you express this desire to your Daddy as that, a desire, He'll certainly decide if you need it, or not.

    i'll just wait in my cupboard for the sordid now...

    Cheers! pepper

  3. Excellent words of advice, DV and pepper...thanks for sharing!

    I'm currently in the process of finding the best way to "put it out there"...so to speak!

    With any luck, you'll have a scintillating need-based post in the very near future! :)