23 September 2011

Baby Girl Strips for Daddy

“No. Not yet.”

This is what I heard as I unbuttoned my suit jacket and made my first attempts to get comfortable after returning home from work. Daddy stopped me cold.

“Come with me.”

He escorted me to our bedroom, lowered the blinds, and settled into our overstuffed loveseat.

“I want my Baby Girl to strip for me. I’ve been thinking about this for quite awhile.”

Daddy had never asked this of me, but I had no intention of disappointing him. Plus, he had just come home from a long business trip and it made me feel incredibly sexy to know that what he most wanted at that moment was to see me disrobe for him. He wanted full access to his Baby Girl’s body…and he wanted to start by soaking in the sight of her.

“Play with yourself for me.”

My hands instinctively sought out my clit as I touched myself for him.

I stood before him, a wanton little girl slut playing with herself…desperate to be near him, desperate to feel his body, desperate to nuzzle up against his straining cock.

And I soon got what I most craved. Daddy pushed the ottoman away, making room for me to kneel on the floor before him and to wrap my mouth around his thick shaft.

I lavished his cock with attention…suckling, kissing, nibbling… And all I wanted was more of him in my needy, greedy little mouth. Before I knew it, though, Daddy pulled me from my knees and forced me on to the bed. I knew that my tight little pussy would have trouble accommodating his large member, especially after a prolonged period without any penetration. And I was right.

“I want you to know that this is going to hurt you. Good. I want it to hurt… Take it…TAKE IT!!”

As I cried out in delicious agony and submissive freedom, he took his index and middle fingers and stuffed them in my mouth as a makeshift gag… It was all I could do to keep from cumming at that moment – after all, good little girls do not cum until they are given permission to do so. But, Christ, was that hot!

But Daddy wasn’t finished with his little one yet…

He seized my legs and put my ankles on his shoulders, allowing him deeper access to my slick, wanting pussy. Daddy knows how much this position hurts me, but he also knows how much we both love it for that very reason. He fucked me into oblivion, pounding my pussy mercilessly, and gagging me on and off with his fingers.

When he finally filled me with his seed, he looked down at me on the bed and let his thumb rest in the corner of my mouth. At that moment, I don’t know if it was the feeling of being sexually overwhelmed in the best possible way or if it was the feeling of complete vulnerability, but all I wanted to do was suck Daddy’s thumb…

And that’s exactly what I did.


  1. It's so glorious a feeling, isn't it, to submit in this way? you're right, it is a kind of freedom...perhaps that's why it appeals to the wildness inside. Just a thought.


  2. Gotta say - I love the picture!

  3. Hello pepper! You're so right...it's the mother of all contradictions to say that we find freedom in our submission and/or slavery, but that may be the best possible way to describe it!

    Glad you like the pic, maui girl! :) hehe!

  4. I really like the way you both put that -- we find freedom in submission....

  5. Baby Girl: What a wonderful scene. Yes, Pepper is right. You do find freedom in submission. And glad that you're back blogging and sharing you adventures with us.