27 September 2011

A Good Spanking

“Don’t move.”

Daddy grips my neck tightly with his left hand, holding me face down on the bed. I’m barely awake and the sun is just starting to rise.


The first strike lands firmly in the center of my ripe, round ass. In my groggy state, the suddenness of the blow nearly takes my breath away, but I know that this is just the beginning.


Daddy takes turns with each of my ass cheeks, thoroughly spanking them into submission. My ass, like the rest of me, is His…


The more I fidget, the tighter his hand clamps around the back of my neck, keeping me immobile and completely submissive to his assault.


I hear the growl building up in Daddy’s throat, the telltale sound that lets me know that Daddy is at his most dominant and can’t wait to fuck his baby girl.

“Jesus, my cock is rock-hard…you’re about to get fucked, little one.”

The same hand that was beating my ass now trails down the crack of my ass, nearing my slit. Daddy slips his middle finger inside my pussy and, when he feels how wet I am, comes to a realization.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who enjoyed that. Well, whether you enjoyed that or not, I think somebody is going to be getting spankings more often.”

My ass clenches instinctively and my stomach flutters…

I absolutely adore being His!


  1. Gah. oh, the condiments just turned green, Baby Girl! lucky, lucky you....What a way to wake up!!

    i hope the rest of your day was as pleasant!

  2. Umm, wow! Maybe I should go look for my vibrator now. Can't imagine a better way to start the day. :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the, um, inspiration! :) I never thought that I would be into spanking, especially in the morning when i'm barely conscious, but I find that it puts a positive spin on the whole rest of the day...a "glow" of sorts, one might say! :)