23 September 2011

Lazy Weekend Poll

First of all, please take a moment to register your opinion/experience in the poll over to the right… →

Thank you, maui girl, for giving me the idea for this poll… After reading some of the responses to your post about your first experience with BDSM, including a couple from my very own Daddy, I thought I’d open the question up in more general terms.

I’m curious to see what the responses are and I’ll be sure to post the results!

And please note, lest I be accused of repeating myself, this is a topic that I’ve mentioned and polled before…but as it is topic that is near and dear to my heart, I thought it could bear some repeating!


  1. Hi Baby Girl,

    Thanks for the mention and link! I'm glad you liked the post! I am keenly interested in this topic and it is dear to my heart as well.

    I've always been fascinated by these types of fantasies and experiences of the very young (makes me think I'm not too weird). But since my hubby did not have them, I'm also interested in urges that developed later in life -- I guess I'm hoping for something here. :)

  2. Baby girl: Yes, so many of us realized we had these feelings when we were young.