28 February 2010

Back on Track

For the last three months or so, our sex life has been a little different than normal. First we were apart for a few weeks, and then we were celebrating the holidays with family. After that, we were apart on and off again, and then we both were sick at different times. We've never let up on the amount of sex when we've been together, but the D in D/s has been more psychological than physical. That changed yesterday.

We had already had sex two or three times in the morning (we start early and then go back to sleep), and it was about time to head upstairs, clean up, and go out on errands for the day. I followed baby girl up to our bedroom, took off her clothes, and told her to lie down on the bed. Reaching beneath the mattress, I pulled out the straps and cuffed her wrists down, her arms wide apart. I grabbed some toys from the closet and was about to put in her cock gag when she reminded me of her lingering cold and that she might not be able to breathe through her nose. I went instead for the blindfold. With her cuffs and blindfold in place, I grabbed two clothespins from the nightstand and attached them to her nipples, drawing a cry each time.

I didn't enter baby girl right away. I didn't immediately start hurting her with my cock deep in her pussy or by alternating the clothespins off and on her nipples, or with my hands slapping her breasts (though those were soon to follow). I paused for a moment and looked at her beneath me, utterly helpless, absolutely desirable, and wondered to myself why I had gone so long without doing this. And I knew I wouldn't let this much time pass between bondage sessions ever again.

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